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After an automobile accident, I was in a lot of pain. I was getting
chiropractic care twice weekly and therapeutic massage once a week. The pain did not decrease until I started getting acupuncture.
I was pain free after a few treatments.

Helen, Estes Park

My optometrist told me there was no treatment for the floaters in both of my eyes. I worked with Bubbling Springs Acupuncture to see if we could reduce the floaters. In only a few short weeks I have had a noticeable reduction in the density of the floaters in both of my eyes. My blocked vision from the floaters is becoming less of an issue with the treatments and herbal remedies.

Rick, Lyons

In the past few months I have worked with Bubbling Springs on resolving allergies to environmental allergens, sinus related conditions and a bone spur in my neck. With NAET, acupuncture, healing touch massage, and oriental herbs, I have been able to experience noticeable improvement in the variety of physical symptoms. I appreciate having a variety of tools available to help increase my well-being and a practioner who has a deep understanding of how to work with a variety of conditions.

Becky, Estes, CO


Bubbling Springs Acupuncture's goal is to assist each patient in their healing process, allowing for the improved quality of life through his skills in both traditional and modern Oriental medical techniques.

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